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Among the indoor gardening leading companies, Tregren (formerly "Indoor Garden") was founded in Finland in 2010 by Markus Nilsson. Their first product, Herbie, introduced the same year, is an indoor garden that made more than 20,000 sales in over 40 countries since its launch. It is now the first second generation hydroponic device and has been optimized with a new LED in 2015.

In 2012, Tregren developed the Active Growing Technology ™, a technology that grows plants all year round, without soil. Genie, their product of 2013, benefited from this technology, as well as Vertie in 2015. Both are very successful and have high demand. In 2014, the Genie interior garden even received the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Their new range, in partnership with the Swedish designer Mikael Erikssonla stands out for its fastness, simplicity and versatility. Called T-series, it benefits in 2017 from a Kickstarter campaign with a target of 475 000 SEK. Without surprise and given the 7 years of experience in R&D and indoor gardening products, it exceeded its target and raised more than SEK 760,000. A very impressive journey for this aspiring-leader of urban gardening products by 2020.

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