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Rocki is a Startup based in New York in the USA.

Co-Founders Nick Yap and Dennis List met in 2002 at a LAN party in the Netherlands. In 2008, Yap and List worked in a company developing a multimedia player. They first thought there was a market for this type of product at that time when people were connecting their devices via bluetooth on their TV. Yap and List have thus stirred their brains and brought to life a product that has an even greater impact in the connected world in which we live.

Rocki has developed a small device that allows you to broadcast all the music you love, with the speakers you already have, simply and transparently via Wifi. So you can send music remotely to your wired speakers ... thus they become wireless!

Rocki carried out a crowdfunding campaign and was more than successful when they raised $ 222,917 exactly!

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