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KOR was born in 2008 and aims to put the water on a pedestal based on a simple principle: "Hydration is the basis of human health". In an effort to preserve the environment, Eric Barnes (the founder) used to drink his water in an old Gatorade bottle. One day his wife told him that that type of bottle wasn't made to be reused and that it is a true bacteria nest . He then embarked on a search to find a bottle that could be reused and that would be of no danger to his health or the environment. Unfortunately, unsuccessful!

Later, it was with Paul Shustak (the other founder) that he had the idea to invent the Kor bottle, the first real reusable bottle that preserves the environment. Today, those who call themselves "lawyers of the planet" have launched several ranges: Kor One, Kor Delta, Aura, Nava, and more recently the ROK isothermal bottle.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items