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"Yolk" reflects the desire to supply solar energy to electronic devices as yolk does to the fetuses. Their mission is to bring this wonderful ecological technology to more people. They want to be a bridge between solar energy and people. That is, not only campers, hikers or early adopters, but anyone else who needs power source in their daily lives. They believe that solar technology can alleviate battery problems we face today and contribute to a greener world.

Their first solar charger, Solarade, has raised more than $ 72,000 on Kickstarter and has participated in various shows in Japan, France and Korea. The second, Solar Paper, is a monumental success with more than $ 1 million raised, the Bronze Prize at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, a participation in the CES in the United States, and more than 300 press covers in 2015.

This company continues its conquest of the international solar market in 2016 with various shows in Dubai, Hong Kong, Germany ... And its Solar Paper charger even manages to raise 26 800 200 ¥ on the Japanese crowdfunding campaign Makuake.

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  • 136,00 €
    136,00 €

    The thinnest, most efficient and greenest solar charger

    The thinnest, most efficient and greenest solar charger

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