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Woolet was born of a laughable quantity of wallets lost in cafes and bars. Marek Cieśla, Bart Zimny and Teodor Kosch, three Polish friends from the technology world have the idea to create a wallet that notifies its owner when it has been forgotten. In 2014, they founded their company, based in the United States, but with R&D in Krakow, Poland.

February 2015, a Kickstarter campaign is launched for their handmade, ultra-thin connected wallet named Woolet. This innovative wallet seduces more than 2,500 backers and collects $ 332,694 at the end of its campaign for an initial target of $ 15,000.

Woolet wants to continue developing gadgets with simple concepts to make our lives easier. They maintain their idea of only marketing objects that they themselves will use. That's why they make no compromises on the quality and style of each of their products and always offer the best technology and the best of craftsmanship.

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  • 110,85 €
    110,85 €

    The high-end connected wallet you have no chance of losing

    The high-end connected wallet you have no chance of losing

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