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Ross Malcolm, a young British, festivals enthusiast created Morella in 2013. The idea came to him after a wet holiday in Wales in 2011. He wanted to quickly call his friends outside the pub but had no desire to let go of his drink (which is quite understandable). With a raining cats and dogs kind of weather, umbrella in one hand, he left his glass on the window ledge and pulled his phone out when splat! It falls, his drink on the curb. His silver lining? A brilliant idea!

He then shares it with his best friend of 30 years, Andrew Tan. The two inventors, on the madcap side, created the first prototype, made of cardboard and some nails. They then got help from a third inventor and friend Jordan Schlipf to improve their creation. And, it's 2 years, 2 professional engineers, 6 prototypes, 1 patent, blood, sweat and litres of beer later, that Morella was born.

This ingenious cup holder's system, inspired by gimbals, guarantees a straight glass, regardless of the position of the umbrella. Improving the umbrella has been a challenge for many for several years, a challenge that Morella's team has met with flying colours.

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  • 5,99 €
    5,99 €

    The only umbrella cup holder that doesn't spill a single a drop

    The only umbrella cup holder that doesn't spill a single a drop

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