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GoSleep is a young American start-up created in 2014 by entrepreneurs Tom Parziale and Colby Kane. This company wants to develop products that optimize comfort during long trips. Moreover, to highlight the American manufacture, they bet all on local products, in Los Angeles more precisely.

Far from being new to this field (Colby Kane owning a textile manufacturing company for travel with a successful product: Red Eye Hoodie), it's confident that they launch their first product: the travel mask GoSleep. This innovative mask straps to any seat to keep your head straight when sleeping. It's a mask that Tom Parziale had the idea of earlier on one of his many trips, but he never had the time to materialize it.

Until November 2013, after a few prototypes and a factory in which they have complete trust, that a Kickstarter campaign is launched. The mask seduces more than 1000 backers and collects a total of 53,190 dollars. Today, this ambitious company aims to become the world's leading supplier of travel accessories that optimize comfort.

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  • 59,95 €
    59,95 €

    Goodbye neck pain! Sleep comfortably during your trips

    Goodbye neck pain! Sleep comfortably during your trips

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