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Franck Bernes-Heuga, a pro rider, decides to launch his own ski line combining hiking and freeriding. In 2007, he then became the CEO of the Chamoniard company ZAG, founded in 2002.

Having become a premium ski brand, it even opens up an innovation laboratory to integrate cutting-edge technologies with their innovative designs. Then, in 2016, following the idea of a ski tracker aimed at enhancing the security and safety of skiers, ZSafeTech, a subsidiary specially dedicated to safety equipment for outdoor sports, is born.

It takes 2 years of intense R & D to the young brand ZSafeTech to finalize its innovative ZeTracker box. This device's technology is a real solution to ski losses in powdery snow, but also to the numerous thefts each season. It is therefore a first success for this subsidiary that has decided to put its knowledge and skills at the service of skiers and their safety.

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