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AICO is a Singaporean company founded in 2014 by a team of industrial designers, software and hardware developers , including Sydney Shi, co-founder of the company. This passionate young company specializes in home automation and IoT. Convinced of the advantages of an automated home, their first product, Smart Egg is used to centralize the control of all electronic devices. Nevertheless, the realization of this project was very complex. In fact, it is only two years later that the first Smart Egg is developed.

However, it is also a great image of this team that applies the highest standards of quality and design on their products. Just for the main material and the colour, 9 months of research were carried out. This attention to detail allows them in 2016 to collect more than $ 100,000 for their connected egg, but also to open a branch in the United States. An excellent start for these aspiring home automation market leaders .

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  • 99,00 €
    99,00 €

    The 2.0 remote control  that replaces all the others

    The 2.0 remote control  that replaces all the others

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