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Renaud Pélissier, founder of 7NEXT and opera singer, was looking for a simple way to scan all his music sheets and group them in one place. He thought that scanning pages one by one took too long, and was not satisfied with smartphones' image quality. Hence the idea of Pup, a revolutionary fast, wireless, and high quality mobile laser scanner.

After a partnership with a team of 3 engineers in 2015, numerous researches begin. But it is only a year after, on April 22, 2016 that the startup is created. Then, 18 months after the development of their product, the young French startup launches a campaign on Indiegogo in November 2016. A complete success with a goal reached in only 2 days and a total funds raised of 263,240 dollars.

Thanks to an experienced team of engineers and believing in the great future of new technologies, 7Next hopes to reinvent everyday technological objects. Which means developing intelligent objects able to integrate harmoniously into our lives.

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