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Berrolia is a Polish family business founded by Michal Mackiewicz in 2015. This University of Lodz mathematical economics professor has the idea of creating an iPhone car mount that would charge his phone for long journeys and traffic jams.

He then embarked on a bold journey in order to create the most practical mount possible, manufactured using top quality materials. Beginning of 2014, having no experience in the manufacturing industry, he struggled to communicate with manufacturers and was not taken seriously despite several 3D prototypes. He then changed his strategy and decided to learn more about CNC machining through YouTube videos and a free online course about programming CNC machines.

After several months of research and remodeling, he finally manages in the spring of 2015 to produce his first 200 pieces ready for sale. Always looking for quality and caring about details, he slowly marketed his eponymous product, and insists on a quality handicraft production and not mass production.

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  • 59,00 €
    59,00 €

    Your iPhone deserves the most elegant car mount

    Your iPhone deserves the most elegant car mount

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