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At Jagger & Lewis, we invent technological objects and services for a simpler, richer, more fun daily life. Our first product is a smart collar for your dog that’s able to understand his daily behaviors and alert you when he is not well "(Alexandre Delille - CEO).
Founded in 2015, the team now has 14 people.
The creation of Jagger & Lewis comes from a common desire: the improvement of the well-being and peace in everyday life. Through the Jagger & Lewis smart collar, the team turned to a common passion: dogs. The first connected object that improves well-being, the smart dog collar allows all family members to better understand each other and live together.
A range of personalities and talents works every day to develop a product that will bring well-being, peace and modernity within the family.
From the veterinarian to the engineer to the community manager, each member of the team brings his professional touch and his benevolent gaze to offer you a quality product.

Jagger & Lewis launched a Kickstarter campaign in January 2017, their $50,000 goal was reached within 6 days before the end of the campaign!

After more than 18 months of hard work to fine-tune their collar, this team of dog lovers above all schedules the first deliveries for May 2017.

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