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4id is an american company founded by Ron Biron and Rodger Bailey, in 2013, two very active pedestrians at night. Alarmed by a NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) study that shows that a pedestrian gets involved in a car accident every 8 minutes, they decide to create devices aimed at increasing the visibility of pedestrians on the street when it's dark.

Among their innovative accessories that already won the heart of many buyers: the PowerBudz headphones, the 4id identification bracelet, and the footwear PowerSpurz, all equipped with ultra bright LED lights. They continue to conceive different products to help reinforce the safety and the comfort of all sportsmen and pedestrians in their daily lives.

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  • 17,95 €
    17,95 €

    Flashy accessories to be visible in all circumstances

    Flashy accessories to be visible in all circumstances

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