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Homido is a french company created in 2014 in Lille that make the VR headset european market theirs with their eponymous headset, still one of its kind.

It is Matthieu Parmantier, the leader of the company that makes demos of his brand new headset at the main square in Lille. Despite an incomplete product, he draws the attention of big companies like Boulanger or Google, which offers him a partnership and a Google certification. From there, it's a quick ascent for Homido, who sells more than 135.000 virtual reality headsets through this collaboration.

Today, the firm spreads to China where they hire 13 employees, against 14 in France, and distributes its product in the entire world. One goal urges Homido to surpass themselves: 100 million euros revenues in 7 years, which is not impossible since they reached 4 million in 1 year.

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