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Kano is the result of little Micah's request, 6 years old in November 2012: make a computer so easy that he can build it on his own.

The British Alex Klein and the Israeli Yonatan Raz-Fridman, responsible for the realization of this project, begin an adventure to develop this computer, and find the components it will be made of. It's in May 2013 that a class of 9 years old average, try the first prototypes, and are amazed ar how easy it was for them to build, and code such a "technical" object.

Multiple brains of different nationalities join the team, to create the perfect kit for all aspiring engineers/coders. November 2013, Kickstarter campaign is launched, and the result is beyong their own expectations: $1.5 million, for a project that only required 100 000.

Few more months to perfect, finalise it, and send the orders to 86 countries in September 2014. The Kano warehouses spread until the USA, in 2015, to satisfy more clients as fast as possible.

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