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Solo Mug Tea, the automatic tea infuser mug

Philippe Lazareth invented the intelligent tea mug infuser as a result of his wish to master the art of brewing tea. It all starts in April 2011 when he wins the gold medal of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, with his « Teacup that stops at a giving time ». He then reveals his desire to receive help for the project, to follow it, to generate a customer loyalty and market it.

Eventually, Philippe creates and establishes in Faverges in 2013, his company PHI & TEA specialised in the home appliances business, but still continues to work hard on the improvement of his product. Which is effective, since he wins Concours Lépine's gold medal in 2015 with his « Smart infuser mug ».

His revolutionnary and patented  « Zero over-infusion » system is a game changer for tea mugs, because it promises : « The perfect tea » in just a few steps. And on top of all of that a modern, lightweight and easy to carry container.

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  • 39,00 €
    39,00 €

    The innovative infuser mug for the tea of your dreams

    The innovative infuser mug for the tea of your dreams

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