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Orbitkey aims to inspire and change the way people interact with their keys. Based in Melbourne, our Startup takes great pride in its mission to provide design and practical solutions that users will be proud to wear. In short, we want everyone to finally love their keys!


It first started when Charles made the first prototype to solve a problem: his pet hated the sound of the keys clashing together.

After sharing on the subject with our family and friends, we came to realize that the very popular "keychain" so familiar was far from perfect!

What began as a personal project became something much bigger after our project was very widely supported on Kickstarter.

Although we are all familiar with the classic "key chain" and we grew up with it, it was far from perfect. It was noisy, it was disorganized, it regularly damaged everything that came to its contact and it was unpleasant! All that Orbitkey is not!

We started experimenting with different materials and models. The initial design involved the use of Chicago screws, but we quickly found that they were unreliable as they came off over time. We then decided to create something of ourselves: a tool that could stand the test of time!

Our new model has an integrated mechanism that prevents the device from accidentally shedding. It can also be set to be compatible with a different number of keys. We tested many different materials for the bands and finally we chose the rubber TPU and leather. We wanted a material that was flexible but strong enough to perform the movement of the Orbitkey, and more importantly, we needed something that could prevent the keys from scratching our personal belongings!

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