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It is in the pink city, Toulouse, that Telequid has set up its research and development team. The young company founded by Frédéric Bruel in 2008 first began by making a name in Europe, North America and even in the Middle East in the field of media and advertising platforms. Visionary or ambitious! Telequid also sets foot in the world of digital and mobile applications. And it is with great energy, and an unusual enthusiasm that the company launches its first "portable connected object":

The press, CES 2017, support organizations such as Bpifrance, everything goes very quickly for this new comer on the FrenchTech scene. will, hopefully, make the expected buzz both with professionals of innovative objects and with the public.

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  • 41,58 €
    41,58 €

    The first connected and smart reminder

    The first connected and smart reminder

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