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The meaning of life was created by rafi Haladjian, co-founder of Violet, creator of Nabaztag the communicating rabbit and Franck Biehler, an early member of the Violet team. Several other members of the team have previously been part of Violet and have the longest possible experiences in the design of connected objects. ALBEBARAN Robotics is currently the owner of the Nabaztag brand. understood what is important in life during its ten years of experience. Some believe that the world can not live without connectivity and shares this vision, but with one exception. He believes that even with the virtual interaction that the world has gained, we can still live our daily lives, go for walks in the park with the children or go out for dinner without having to think about how to charge his Smartphone so that the beeper can inform us about the meteorological data. For, these gadgets can be part of our daily life by having more intelligence so that their knowledge and functioning alone are enough to add to our well-being. For them, "Connecting objects has been a thing heard for ten years. Connecting life is the real challenge. "

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