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Vestergaard is an international company dedicated to improving the health of the most fragile population, mostly in developing countries.  Our innovative solutions contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world by effectively fighting against malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrheal diseases and neglected tropical diseases. Vestergaard is also implementing actions to limit the effects of climate change and improve food safety.


Among our most innovative concepts there are : LifeStraw® water filters, which have been designated by Forbes magazine as "one of the ten things that change the way we live". Since 2005, the portable version of LifeStraw® has been used  virtually in all natural disasters, and it is around its family version that the LifeStraw® Carbon for Water™ campaign is based in Kenya.  It is the world's largest privately financed program that provides households water treatment, and provides more than 4.5 million Kenyans with reliable access to clean safe drinking water.

Vestergaard is located in Switzerland and has local branches all over the world, our high qualified collaborators work with local stakeholders to combine global reach with local support. We are very proud of our trust based relationship with governments, humanitarian agencies, NOGs and religious organizations as well as with the private sector.

Humanitarian Entrepreneurship

Vestergaard's business activities is based on a model of humanitarian entrepreneurship, where doing good creates wealth. Under this model, the company dedicates its entire innovation platform to the creation of innovative solutions and products designed for disadvantaged populations. In doing so, we can both be profitable and improve the well-being of people.

We manufacture technologically sophisticated products, which for end-users often mark the difference between life and death. And we never hesitate to shake up popular belief when it comes to designing cutting-edge healthcare tools, as well as new ways to finance and accelerate their deployment.

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