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HEXO+ Squadrone SystemFrench Tech

It is in 2014 that the adventure begins for Squadrone System that works today between Grenoble and San Francisco. Thanks to its experience in the field of mission-critical embedded systems for civil aviation, Squadrone System succeeded to create an autonomous and smart drone : the famous HEXO +.

This project has also won prestigious awards such as the Best Design at CES in Las Vegas in 2015, that of innovation by Videomaker or the Brand New Award "ISPO. Hexo + also succeeded handily lifted his Funds in crowdfunding with more than $ 1.3 million collected.

Beyond consumer products, Squadrone System also develops solutions for companies.

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  • 999,00 €
    999,00 €

    The autonomous drone that films you everywhere

    The autonomous drone that films you everywhere

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