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Stojo Pocket Cup

Alex, Ben and Jurrien are super busy dads from New York and certified coffee drinkers: a cup of coffee before the children wake up, another for the road and one or two more cup of coffee for work. By counting the weekends, it's almost 1.000 cups of coffee that each of them drinks thourought the year! One day they start discussing about the disposable cups they hold in their hands and realize that Americans (including them) throw away 58 billion disposable cups each year. They tell themselves that things have to change and they want to participate in this change. That's how the Stojo pocket mug was born three years later. And the balance is more than positive since nearly 150,000 cups are designed and sold since 2015.

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  • 15,00 €
    15,00 €

    The very first foldable mug

    The very first foldable mug

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