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Antonio Arevalo, a London-based designer, has a gift for designing unique and emblematic objects. He is the founder and creative director of KAKKOii, a startup that creates products with contemporary design and superior quality to modernize our lifestyle. Having worked for several years in the design world, he has developed a sense of style and this is reflected in the brand's products.

KAKKOii comes from the Japanese word meaning "cool" and this is what the startup's products inspire us. The first product unveiled is the WOW speaker, a wireless Bluetooth connected speaker. Easy to use, portable, durable and compact, the original model combines aesthetics and functionality.

KAKKOii's goal is to create desirable, useful, timeless and above all affordable products.

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  • 45,00 €
    45,00 €

    A sound full of energy in a minimalist speaker

    A sound full of energy in a minimalist speaker

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