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Founded by Joacim Westlund, Shortcut Labs AB is a Swedish company specializing in the creation of small external devices that control mobile devices. Among its innovative products is Flic, the world's stylish and smartest button that allows to perform a series of action with just one click. It all started when Joacim wanted to quit smoking. So he created a mobile application that kept track of his consumption. Very soon, he found it tiresome to have to go out the phone every time, unlock it, find the application, just to access this function. Then, the idea made its way to be extended to other features and devices.

As part of the Highway1 accelerator program in San Fransisco, the Shortcut Labs team had also completed a successful Indiegogo campaign. Indeed, Flic attracted the interest of Internet users, and the funds collected exceeded the expectation of the designers. Currently, more than 150,000 Flics have been marketed in more than 110 countries around the world, and users are more than delighted.

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  • 34,99 €
    34,99 €

    A smart button to control all your devices

    A smart button to control all your devices

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