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The SunZee Israelite startup was born from the initiative of three sports enthusiasts. Nitsan Nir, Heday Kinarti and Ori Ram surfed and cycled during their childhood and today they suffer the consequences of prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun. Like everyone else, they tried to protect themselves by applying sunscreen before going out, but it was not enough. Indeed, to be effective, the application of the sunscreen must be renewed regularly throughout the day.

Now that they have become parents and their children enjoy outdoor activities, the founders of SunZee have found a solution to be able to apply sun protection without interrupting  activities. No need to run after their offspring with a bottle of sunscreen by hand. They designed a portable sunscreen dispenser in the form of a bracelet so that the regular application of a sunscreen becomes a good habit. Practical and clever!

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  • 34,90 €
    34,90 €

    Fun and practical, the sunscreen dispenser bracelet!

    Fun and practical, the sunscreen dispenser bracelet!

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