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Homni is a young French start-up specializing in energy management, a subsidiary of Engie. It is also a brand and a product of Ecometering. Homni was founded by two professionals in the energy sector, Florent Bergeret and Stanislas de Crevoisier. She was twice rewarded at CES 2016 for the categories "Smart Home" and "Tech for a Better World".

Florent Bergeret has been attracted by energy since childhood and it continues to fascinate him. After graduating in engineering from ESTA, he became project manager at the research department in Engie. It then integrates Smart Energy Lab, which in 2013 merges with Ecometering. It has also developed the DolceVita Zenbox, the first connected thermostat for DolceVita. He wants to exploit all the possibilities of new technologies to find new uses and services for Engie customers.

Stanislas de Crevoisier, a real expert in new technologies and the Internet of Objects, but at the head of the industrial management of Engie brings all his experience to the Homni project. The ambition is praiseworthy, and seems to have been achieved: revolutionizing the way energy is consumed by heating with a system and application that is very simple to use.

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