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iPulse Medical, the company behind Livia, was founded in April 2015 in Tel Aviv by Nachum Chen, Software Engineer, and Nachum Zvi, developer and electronics engineer.

Although created by two men, this project is nevertheless 100% dedicated to women and their well-being, helping them regain control of their bodies. Accompanied by the prestigious  Dr. Bari Kaplan, Hospital Women Beilinson, they together developed Livia, the best device to remove menstrual pain.

After entering clinical trials of 163 women and breathtaking Indiegogo campaign (funded over 700% in one month!) Livia joined Noova to finally relieve women during menstruation!

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  • 159,99 €
    159,99 €

    The Stop button for your painful periods

    The Stop button for your painful periods

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