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Lead by Gregory Jean, nuclear physics engineer, the AYKOW team dedicaes their researches and energy to the development of particularly innovating and rigorous products. The company, installed in Caen since 2010, is also at the origin of the radon detector called VICTORIA or the RadEQ, a device that helps to prevent earthquakes and many others.

Aube, is the name of the new innovation of the company. With this air purifier that works with photocatalisis, AYKOW wants to clean the air we breathein confined places where allergens, viruses and bacteria flow. And, to better respond to the users' need, AYKOW even developed an app that can monitor the air quality.

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  • 199,00 €
    199,00 €

    A silent bluetooth air purifier made for you

    A silent bluetooth air purifier made for you

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