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Tesla Amazing Magnetic NOTES

Although its headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia, Tesla Amazing is a resolutely international company. It is a story of friendship and a project that bring together an Ukrainian, two Russians, an American, and two Finns. Suggesting innovative objects that make life easier for everyone, is the objective.

And the team takes a very strong start with the Magnetic range: Magnetic NOTES, Magnetic PAD and Magnetic Boards. They are respectively post-its, sheet and a kind of board which adhere to any surface and can be detached / assembled at will.

The ideas of Tesla Amazing as well as its name have found their source in the works of the famous American engineer of Serbian origin: Nikola Tesla.

The project is ambitious, yet the Magnetic collection surpasses all the expectations of the founders. After having made a full succes on the platforms of crowdfunding, there it is prized in the whole world. This is probably the wonderful destiny of Tesla Amazing!

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