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The Swiss start-up D & D Team based in Chernex, was founded by Grégory Dietrich and Julien Debroux in 2014. Their bright idea to them is WhyNote! The adventure begins when they were tired of tons of papers scattered all over their offices that could be lost at any time. From there, they took inspiration from the erasable whiteboard that they used enormously during their meeting to propose a transportable version. That's why they decide to combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the versatility of a notebook: the WhyNote Book. D & D Team has succeeded in putting back to the taste of the day a simple paper product that has been somewhat forgotten by the digital. Among the strong points: FSC-certified paper and SWISS MADE quality, of course!

Having seduced countless followers of handwritten note-taking, WhyNote was a gold medalist in 2015 at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. He was also voted Product of the Year at the Paperworld trade fair in Frankfurt.

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    24,90 €

    The erasable and reusable notebook

    The erasable and reusable notebook

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