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The story of Nifty or how we accidentally started a technology company:
Nifty started with a recurring issue and two madmen who thought holding a solution! This was followed by an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, eight trips to China, an addiction to coffee rather dangerous and MiniDrive finally came to life.

We are honored for the success of this idea that started as a hobby project. From the beginning, we wanted to create a simple design tool that would fill a hole like a slit and that fitted over 1 million computers.

The support we have received has helped us to make this dream a reality. Now we can devoted ourselves to create elegant and simple solutions to everyday problems.

Remember ... don't pay more attention to your memory! it is no longer a problem;)

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  • 29,99 €
    29,99 €

    Ajoutez 128 Go à votre MacBook en toute simplicité

    Ajoutez 128 Go à votre MacBook en toute simplicité

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    en panne d'inspiration ?

    La carte cadeau Noova vient à votre rescousse !