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Paulin Bichotte, a former marking and communication student in Strasbourg, is at the origin of an original concept. During his years of study in Ireland, he had the opportunity to visit a brewery, and was able to observe the process of brewing, which seemed to him absolutely simple.

Upon his return to France, he reproduced the experiment and the result was more than conclusive. It was then that he decided to share the great experience with a small kit of beer brewing playful, which is none other than the Brewandbeer.

The aim of the company GRAFTON, located in Les Vosges, is simple: to offer everyone the opportunity to brew beer from simple and authentic elements "made in France". Over time, the concept has grown, and new recipes have come to complete the range.

Having attracted the attention of several newspapers like Current Cuisine and Rue89 Strasbourg in its beginnings, Brewandbeer continues its breakthrough in the Hexagon and beyond.

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