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French Tech Cahnegat

Cahnegat is a young french startup. At the end of 2012 - beginning of 2013, the idea of the company germinated in the minds of co-founders Nicolas Loiseau and Yohan Vigier, two animal lovers, adepts of science and new technologies.

At that time, there is much talk about "Quantified Self", the concept of measuring, analyzing and sharing personal data. This was the start of the Cahne-Fit project. The duo wants to design an activity sensor for pets that would monitor their diet, their physical activities and even their movements.

In 2013, a prototype is developed and then a second one a year later. A CAPTRONIC expertise is launched followed by the development of the smartphone application that will accompany the connected Canhe-Fit pendant. The efforts are finally rewarded since Canhegat is noticed in January 2016 with a dazzling success at the CES of Las Vegas.

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