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Hydrao is a brand of the Smart & Blue french start-up based in Grenoble. The concept was conceived by Gabriel Della-Monica from a simple observation: the volume of water consumed for a shower is on average 75 liters with a cost of 50 centimes per liter. 40% of a household's daily water consumption comes from showering.

So he developed the prototype of an intelligent shower head called "Hydrao", before founding his company in 2014. To start production, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on KissKissBankBank, it revealed as a real success.

In 2015, the former electronics engineer and his three collaborators began marketing the connected shower head. Having won several contests, the team is looking for new opportunities and industrial partners in the United States in 2016. Smart'N'Blue is considering a second fundraiser to develop its intelligent shower project on a large-scale.

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  • 89,90 €
    89,90 €

    The smart and eco-friendly shower head 

    The smart and eco-friendly shower head 

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