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Iranians, Swiss, British, Spanish, Dutch, French ... No less than 11 nationalities are represented on the Studio BANANA THINGS team. They are designers, architects, graphic designers, media experts and strategic marketing, photographers and enthusiasts of new technologies. These are talents and creative minds that come together to design playful and practical objects derived from the observation of everyday life. The pillows of the OSTRICH PILLOW collection are original and ultra comfortable, perfect for travelers and those who appreciate small naps during transport, in the office or simply to sleep serenely.

The OSTRICH PILLOW Mini project was also the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, which proved to be a real success. It has made it possible to raise funds well beyond the objectives  set by the creator themselves and to launch the production. It should be noted that the BANANA THINGS Studio pillows are manufactured in Spain to guarantee a quality finish on each product.

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