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Holi is a highly connected Lyon startup made up of studious sleepers. They want to make the night the best time of the day, and for that they use science, technology and light. The birth of Holi is due to two Frenchmen: Grégoire Gérard, engineer by training and Jérôme Schonfeld, business school graduate.

According to Grégoire, Holî's current design manager, the brand was born from the idea that light is a material to be sculpted. In fact, it has been more than 150 years since the: energy-saving bulb, mechanical switch and lamp stand trigoly persists. This is how his team of engineers decides to bring a new luminous atmosphere in our interiors, hence the development of various luminous objects: Smart Lamp, SleepCompanion and GoodVibes.

Their innovative sleep solutions quickly include Holi as a French Tech nugget and unveil their expertise. They thus obtained the support of BPI France and a membership in the National Sleep Foundation and the Société Française de Recherche and Médecine du Sommeil.

The year 2017 remains the most promising for this startup, rewarded by the CES 2017 Innovation Award for its new intelligent, voice-controlled alarm clock. Named "Hello," it raised $ 871,817 in contributions and is eagerly awaited by technology and sweet awakening fans.


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