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Everything started with a meeting in 2015. Henri de Kergorlay, designer, and Quentin Xavier-Vincenti, engineer, are revolted against the law on road safety requiring the wearing of signaling clothing for drivers of two and three wheels . The famous yellow jacket that was for many ... neither fun nor sexy. Yes, but they hold life dear as much as on style! Thus, the two companions decided to look for an alternative to the traditional yellow jacket. Urban Circus was born.

Behind the brand that self-proclaimed Creator of high visibility clothing, there is a real artistic talent and the will to never hide someone's personality for whatever reason. The wish of Urban Circus? To see blooming along the roads a true collection of reflective clothes, original, reversible and corresponding to the norms of visibility.

In October 2015, the team had the opportunity to participate in an awareness campaign of the Prefecture de Police and a prevention association in many cities in France. In December 2015, a crowdfunding campaign with Ulule attracted 135 contributors. This allowed them to reach their funding goal and officially unveil the Urban Circus collection, including Le Jongleur and La Cascadeuse.

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