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NeoLAB Convergence

NeoLAB Convergence has been awarded more than once to the iF Product Design Award, an international distinction that has existed for more than 50 years. His favorite field? The digital pen. Transforming a simple ballpoint pen into a high-tech accessory, transcribing scribbles, notes and other writings into digitized data, is what the team of Eddie Lee and Steve Lee has been looking at for a few years. It was said that the pen as it is known was going to disappear, that no one ever wrote with his hand. Well, with NeoLAB Convergence, it comes back from its ashes more useful than ever.

To achieve this, the Australian-Korean company has developed a patented technology: the Ncode ™, a combination of printed lines and symbols so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. Each line and each symbol is a pattern for expressing a unique code for each location on a sheet.

The latest version of the Neo smartpen N2 is designed to enrich the user experience. It is now possible to store, color, share and reuse its manuscripts on many applications.

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