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TrackInvent AB is a Swedish company known for developing the Albedo100 Reflective Spray range. By 2015, this spray was among the 30 most interesting innovations in the world. The notoriety of the product has risen a notch thanks to the LifePaint project, a partnership with the manufacturer Volvo for a campaign to raise awareness on road safety. Albedo100 is also in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Reindeer Breeders, and even participated in the Tour de France.

The idea of creating Albedo100 Reflective Spray came when the inventors discovered the recurrence of accidents and collisions with reindeer during the long winter nights. To be seen in low light conditions, for more security at night, TrackInvent AB has declined its flagship product in several versions depending on the medium: for objects, clothes, and animals.

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  • 24,95 €
    24,95 €

    The reflective spray for safe night walk

    The reflective spray for safe night walk

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