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Don Molenaar, Guust Hilte and Thomas de Wolf are the founders of Beam Labs BV. It is the company that is at the origin of an innovative picoprojector both for its design and its practicality. It all started during a kind of brainstorming in March 2014. The ideas were flying!

Some people want to get the projector out of its usual frame. In addition to the office and meeting rooms, why not offer the opportunity to use it daily in other rooms, at home ...? The concept of connection to a standard bulb socket is retained.

Then, others wanted to add functions more playful, more practical ...

Beam is born, it is a success on crowdfunding platforms, and seduces any lover of technology and design. He wins a 1st prize Red dot design 2016 and continues its growth.

Beam Labs BV does not stop there. Indeed, the Dutch startup is expanding its team of designers, engineers and business experts to improve its products, and to offer more.

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