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The story of Roadie Tuner begins in high school years when Bassam Jalgha and Hassane Slaibi were both members of a musician band. Bassam wanted to be introduced to the oud, a 12-string instrument very widespread in the countries of the East. It is there that he realizes how tedious it is to master this one ... He then embarks on the design of an accessory that would change all that. Its very first challenge? A competition of innovation of Stars of Science, in the form of reality show that he wins hands down in 2009. It is however only in 2012 that the two friends embark on the Band Industries adventure. Hassane, an infallible ear flutist, but above all a software designer and specialist in signal processing, becomes the journey companion of Bassam, himself a true geek.

The road is long, the duo is surrounded by application developers, designers and other talents. Finally in 2013, Roadie was born and bet on crowdfunding. Brand Industries has tripled its funding target with more than 2,000 contributors. Nothing suprising ! It is a very practical accessory addressed to guitar passionate.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item


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