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TOK TOK invente l'amplificateur en bois

TOK TOK is first a trio: Matej, Andrej and Martin. When they design the Trobla, working with their hands already delighted them. By enhancing the properties of wood and building on the laws of physics, the TOK TOK team succeeds in creating something original and functional.

The invention is a solid wood object which amplifies the volume of smartphones in a natural way. It must be said that young inventors want to contribute to the reduction of electronic waste produced in the world. The spirit of sustainable development is omnipresent. They work with local companies and the materials used come from Slovenia. The prototypes of the acoustic amplifier Trobla come out of the workshop of Andrej's grandfather. Everything goes very fast. If Martin is responsible for the design, Andrej dedicates his time to the carpentry workshop while Matej takes care of the media. Thanks to a resounding Kickstarter campaign, TOK TOK has raised the necessary funds to start the production. However, every Trobla is always done in a traditional way!

L'équipe TOK TOK inventeurs du Trobla

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  • 99,00 €
    99,00 €

    When nature amplifies the sound of your smartphone!

    When nature amplifies the sound of your smartphone!

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