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Goat Story is a Slovenian company founded by Anže Miklavec (founder of Equa Products). The design of the Goat Coffee was done by the design studio Desnahemisfera in cooperation with MyEqua.

If you love coffee as much as we do, we are confident that you would love to be able to drink it anytime and anywhere. This is also what we wanted! That's why we decided to make a mug of coffee practical and durable. It is also a fashion accessory and it tells the ancestral history of coffee...!

The history of the goat tells how coffee was discovered:

It is a story that reveals the connection between the goats and coffee. Back in the 13th century: a group of goats fell on a bush full of little red berries. They ate them and started jumping around as if they were crazy. Their shepherd was very interested, which gave him the idea to stir the berries.


He discovered a rich and delicious drink that gave him incredible energy. This mixture would change the world! Imagine how many discoveries and works of art would never have existed if the coffee had not existed?

For this historic discovery, we dedicate our cup of coffee to those who are "responsible" for this revolutionary discovery: the goats! GOAT MUG

For this reason and this reason only, the form of our unique cup reminiscent of the horn of a goat! Failing to be the goat of Christopher Columbus, we are revolutionizing the way the coffee is consumed ... in the future.

If you like coffee, Goat Mug will change your life!

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