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It all began in 2001 when Chris Dimino was still a student at the School of Visual Arts. This future designer passionate about design and 3D submitted a typewriter keyboard waffle iron design, named at that time Smith Corona Typewriter, using plastic mold for the keyboard and painting it to make it look like a waffle. By creating a website and posting a picture of his project, he received support from teh community. Years passed but people's interest for the product didn't drop. That ûshed the designer to make the project a reality.

With the help of a friend, Chris Dimino made the first version of the Keyboard Waffle Iron, that the crowdfunding platerform Kickstarter rejected. Four others were made before getting to the actual version, which this time could make real keyboard-shaped waffles! In the end, his Kickstarter campaign raised a much bigger amount than the planned one.

15 years later, Chris Dimino fulfilled his dream through his young company MESSY DESK DESIGN.


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