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DrinkPure invente un filtre à eau pour les nomades

DrinkPure, a brand of Novamem Ltd, was born in 2013, thanks to a team of young Swiss engineers. The idea came to Jeremy Nussbaumber when he realized that 780 million people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water and that unfit drinking waters are responsible for 3.4 million deaths each year. Thus, the team worked to develop the first portable water filtration system: DrinkPure. The secret of the product lies in a patented membrane designed by Novamem Ltd, with such a number of pores that it virtually eliminates any harmful organism: bacteria, protozoa, cysts and viruses that cause poisoning and disease.

Several prototypes had to be developed before the final version was validated and marketed, and in particular thanks to crowdfunding.

DrinkPure is not only a revolution for regions of the world where drinking water is scarce, but also for nomadic travelers concerned about their health.

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    59,00 €

    Drinking water anywhere, anytime

    Drinking water anywhere, anytime

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