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Onehundreds Inventeur de la gamme Tuls

Onehundred is an atypical brand coming straight from New England to the United States. Its founders once wondered if it was possible to manufacture entirely a product locally. They then sought out potential partners. Today, the brand works with a multitude of collaborators with very varied profiles and skills.

To maximize synergy, Onehundred has deliberately chosen to work only with companies within 100 miles. Hence the name "Onehundred". Manufacturing with local raw materials and partners, the brand reduces our carbon footprint by almost 60%. And they are proud of it. For the Fave cutlery range, for example, she recycled the floor of an old 1940s bowling to make the sleeves.

Onehundred is also the first brand fully funded by crowdfunding. Thanks to this method and the support of its fans, it has so far been able to launch 9 accessories, practical and clever objects including the tools Tuls, which have all met a great success.

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  • 22,00 €
    22,00 €

    The multi-function tool that makes life easier

    The multi-function tool that makes life easier

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