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This young startup from Rennes was created in 2015 by the optician Jean Thomas and his wife. They got the idea when they realised that a lot more people suffered from visual strain."Our eye is not used to working this long. It is concerning, mainly with children". In fact, more than 90% if the 20-65 years old are connected and are 5 to 6 hours a day in front of screens. This use of new technologies leads to an overexposure of the eye to the harmful blue light, and consequently a premature aging of the eyes.

Therefore, they decided, in autumn 2015 to launch their own glasses brand, assembled in France in their workshop in Brittany. Equipped with Essilor photoselective lenses, they filter the harmful blue-violet light, but lets the blue-turquoise light through, called essential because she is a source of comfort, high spirits and weel-being. Preserving our eyes became the new priority of this young company, who thinks that protecting ourselves from screens is as imperative as protecting ourselves from the sun.

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