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Julie Leleu and Brice Cavelier were enjoying their holidays together. Everything took place until the day when a misfortune happened. The friend in charge of looking after Mozart, Julie's cat, fell ill. That was the end of the holidays! No choice but to return in this case. Catspad, a smart and connected distributor of food and water for cats, is born of this fate.

A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Toulouse, with a master's degree in Entrepreneurship, Julie is the co-founder of the Catspad. His tenacity, dedication and above all, his passion for his cat, have allowed her to offer to all cat lovers a way to ensure a good diet and a good hydration wherever you are. As for Brice, a training engineer with a passion for technology, he works tirelessly and in close collaboration with leading technology companies to improve the product by incorporating the latest innovations.

Today, a whole team devotes its time to the development of the product and the mobile application that makes the Catspad: a connected distributor elegant and perfectly integrated with its environment.

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  • 389,00 €
    389,00 €

    The smart and bluetooth food dispenser

    The smart and bluetooth food dispenser

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