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Show Speak l'enceinte bluetooth waterproofFrench Tech Show Speak

Created in 2014 by Raphaël Zuili and Aron Elbase two French entrepreneurs, the Show Speak is a waterproof speaker that will forever change your moments in the shower.


The idea came to Raphaël while he was a student of Master of Management in London, finding that there was an undeveloped niche in the area of ​​wireless speakers.

After having tested fifteen products with his partner Aron, the obtained results did not come up to expectations. Each device had one or several flaws, which varied from poor sound quality to insufficient tightness or low impact resistance.

It was then that they decided to make use of Raphael's engineering knowledge by selecting the best materials and integrating what they learned from their previous experiences.


The launch of the Show Speak was a resounding success, in just ten days they managed to sell all their copies.

Both men do not expect to rest on their laurels. They are already in the process of developing new products in order to diversify their range and to become one of the giants of the industry.

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  • 39,99 €
    39,99 €

    A waterproof speaker you can use anywhere 

    A waterproof speaker you can use anywhere 

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