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Lumir Inc. lampe LED sans fil sans batterie


The ambition of Lumir Inc. team is to enlighten the world! These young Koreans had the click on a trip to India, during which they discovered the reality of more than 1.3 billion human beings who live without electricity. Most are lit by candlelight or hydrocarbon, and unfortunately 2 million people die each year from respiratory diseases due to toxic gas fumes from these devices.

The concept launched by Lumir is based on the use of a small heat source to operate LEDs. Lumir C and Lumir K lamps are born and hopefully bring a ray of hope to many populations around the world. The project has obviously not gone unnoticed and has received many prestigious awards in Asia.

Without a doubt, Lumir Inc. offers an efficient and accessible alternative thanks to a technological innovation already patented in Korea. Moreover, these design and ecological objects have their place in our lives of Westerners.

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    105,00 €

    The LED lamp that functions by candle 

    The LED lamp that functions by candle 

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